Monkey stressed after wandering about Toronto Ikea


Niagara Falls Tours – An official with a Toronto animal shelter holding a monkey found wandering in an Ikea parking lot says the five-month-old primate appears a bit stressed but is otherwise in good shape.

Mary Lou Leiher from the Toronto Animal Services says the monkey — originally from Montreal — is being fed and cared for while officials try to find an animal sanctuary to send him to.

She says the owners of the baby monkey named Darwin have been fined $240 for breaking the city’s prohibited-animal bylaw.

The simian — wearing a tiny double-breasted coat — broke out of his crate inside a vehicle parked outside the Ikea store Sunday, then pried open a door and began his romp around the parking lot as shoppers gawked and snapped photos.

Leiher says there’s a chance the rhesus macaque monkey might by carrying the Herpes B, and that having the creature live in a city puts both the animal and human beings at risk.

She says the monkey was very quiet and lacked signs of personality during a brief visit, adding that can be a sign of stress.



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